I am delighted to see the efforts STAE is taking to ensure that ‘elephant tourism’ is truly humane. STAE’s efforts in this regard to persuade the British government on the one hand and the Indian government on the other to achieve this much needed reform deserves all praise.

Dr S Chinny Krishna, BTech, MTech, PhD – Vice-Chairman of the Animal Welfare Board of India, Chairman Emeritus of the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations and co-founder and former Chairman of the Blue Cross of India

STAE undertakes highly important work in identifying and addressing the deplorable conditions facing Asian elephants today. These include habitat loss and abject exploitation in the tourist trade, factors threatening the elephants’ very survival in the wild.  World Elephant Day wholeheartedly commends STAE’s endeavors and appeals to elephant lovers everywhere to support STAE’s work.

Patricia Sims, Co-Founder, and Anne Dillon, Communications Director – World Elephant Day

STAE’s drive and commitment to this incredibly important venture for the Asian elephants is obvious and we applaud the policies STAE has put in place.

Fitzpatrick Referrals (the veterinary practice of Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, TV’s Supervet)

I support unreservedly the aims and means of Duncan McNair and his distinguished colleagues at STAE to influence for the good the desperate plight of Asian elephants, and the thoughtful way in which they are addressing these issues.

Philip Lymbery, Chief Executive Officer – Compassion in World Farming

I and my colleagues admire the immensely important and innovative work being undertaken by Save The Asian Elephants in its policy of mobilising opinion to help protect and preserve elephants across South East Asia, and the integrity they are showing in this endeavour.  We wish them all ongoing success in this crucial venture.

David Canavan, Acting Chief Executive  – Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

I first heard of STAE from meeting its CEO, Duncan McNair. He speaks with passion and conviction against one of the most serious abuses of an endangered species: that of the Asian elephants. Duncan founded STAE after witnessing the most awful abuses, and has built it quickly to become a powerful voice for these defenceless creatures.  What routinely happens to baby elephants across SE Asia is horrifying.  If people want to help, they must stop riding elephants and paying money to see them ‘perform’. Positive forms of elephant training exist – and over time the elephants should be returned to their natural state.

Stephen Sackur, Journalist, Broadcaster and Presenter of BBC TV’s Hardtalk

It is very good of STAE to make the Conservative Party aware of their thoughts. The Conservative Party is extremely concerned about the long-term prospects for this magnificent creature’s survival. Tackling this remains a priority issue for the UK Government.

Office of the Party Chairman, Conservative Party (May 2015)

I am proud to support Save The Asian Elephants’ campaign to end the terrible cruelty and appalling conditions suffered by the beautiful Asian elephant.  STAE is a vital organisation, doing tremendous work to inform the public of the plight of these elephants whilst pressuring government and politicians to take action. The humane treatment of all animals should be the benchmark for any civilised society.

Kerry McCarthy MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

We applaud the aims of Save The Asian Elephants and wish it well in its efforts to protect this magnificent but endangered species.

The Baroness Parminter, Spokesperson on DEFRA matters in the House of Lords, Liberal Democrat Party

The Green Party of England and Wales wholeheartedly supports Save The Asian Elephants.  We welcome the opportunity to work with them.

Richard Mallender – Chair, Green Party of England and Wales

STAE is a wonderful organisation for which I have huge respect. It is great not just for its words and polices, but for its actions and achievements. For this it deserves the support of every living person who cares about the survival of the Asian elephant, and the alleviation of its terrible sufferings at the hand of Man.

Prince Emanuel de Merode, Director – Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo

In Asia, many elephants suffer in captivity to be mistreated for the pleasure of tourists, heavy work and other equally unnatural activities. Help us at STAE to prevent their cruel treatment, to care for them and to make our world a kinder and gentler place where all animals and human beings live in harmony with nature.

Jigmi Yoser Thinley, Former Prime Minister of Bhutan

STAE’s campaign is wonderful, and deserves all our support. The elephant is a great animal and elephants have been an important part of Asia’s history. I hope that the campaign will be enormously successful.

Lord Patten of Barnes (Chris Patten) – Chancellor of the University of Oxford and former Governor of Hong Kong

The work by STAE is truly remarkable and will surely make a big difference in helping protect the diminishing Asian elephant populations. I personally wish STAE every success with addressing this threat.

Ashok Vaswani, CEO, Personal and Corporate Banking – Barclays Group

An orphanage for baby elephants in Sri Lanka

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