Elephants used in the tourism industry are broken, beaten, exhausted and on the verge of extinction.


Heavily adorned elephants forced to take part in a festival

Chained to the spot when not carting tourists on his back

A slave to the tourism industry

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Young elephants are snatched from their forest homes to supply tourist attractions and festivals which often involves the slaughter of their mothers as they try desperately hard to protect them.


The calves are then isolated, forced in to a pen and tied tightly to restrict all movement. They are deprived of food, water and sleep. Terrified, they are brutally and often fatally, beaten with rods, chains and bullhooks (a rod with sharp metal hooks at the striking end) and stabbed with knives and nails.


This practice -‘pajan’ – is designed to break their spirits and brutalise them into submission. So ruthless and brutal are these beatings that 50% of elephants or more will die during this process.


This is all done to make them ‘tame’ so they will accept humans on their backs.

The torture doesn’t end there – life for a captive elephant is an entire lifetime of misery, deprivation and fear. They are tightly tethered when not giving rides, are kept isolated, fed a poor diet and often without water. They can expect further beatings throughout their lives and live in constant fear – just giving the elephants a glimpse of the weapon can ensure he obeys all orders.

Riding a captive elephant also comes with huge risks to humans – tortured beyond their endurance they can launch serious and sometimes fatal attacks. There are also health concerns relating to close contact with elephants – typically 25% of those in captivity test positive for Tuberculosis.

YOU CAN HELP! Support Save The Asian Elephants which is raising awareness amongst millions to press government to ban advertising of unethical Asian elephant-related holidays.


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A chained elephant and the weapon he will be beaten with

Legs chained so tightly together he can barely move

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